High Praise for High Standard


As a very satisfied owner of older Hi-Standard handguns Model B and Field King, I was long overdue to upgrade to their new models. Helping push me over the edge was information from several of your recent articles measuring Hi-Standard performance. I ended up purchasing the Hi-Standard Victor.

It strikes me that your extensive test/measurements put you in a unique position to gauge and profile a gun manufacturer’s repair service. It seems as if there is no way for the average person to sense the commitment of the entire process of repair (i.e., repair authorization, repair estimate, turnaround, communication with customers, reliability of fix, etc.). Have you considered this?

My reasoning behind this letter is that due to a problem with my Victor soon after purchasing it, I had to send it in to the factory. The turnaround time was only a few days, and the service from Hi-Standard was phenomenal. If I had known this commitment to outstanding repair service existed at Hi-Standard, it would have been a major influence in my handgun-purchase decision.


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